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[Please note that S. 1003 was passed and sent to the House of Representatives 2 May 2006. Please also see Page S3924. It is now in the House Resources Committee (May 3). Please let them know your views. ]

[Please take a moment to support the families on Black Mesa, and visit URGENT! TAKE ACTION FOR BIG MOUNTAIN TODAY. See Action letter and further background for more information. Many thanks for your support!]

[Please note: Something they're calling the Scoping Summary Report for the EIS regarding Peabody's request is now available. It's called the "final report as the page title for the Internet. Before clicking on this, know that this is a large file (92 pages) that will take some time unless you are using a fast connection.]

[Please see International Indian Treaty Council, United Nations Commission on Human Rights, 61st session, Agenda item 11, Civil and Political Rights. The dates for this session are March 14 through April 22, 2005.]

[URGENT:Coconino National Forest Supervisor Nora B. Rasure recently announced her decision to allow reclaimed wastewater to be used on the sacred San Francisco Peaks. Please visit Save the Peaks to see what you can do now to help defend this sacred place. Your support is greatly appreciated.]

[Urgent Action Requested: Please send comments to
Richard Holbrook, Chief, Southwest Branch
1999 Broadway, Suite 3320
Denver, Colorado 80202-5733
phone: (303) 844-1400, extension 1491
or email to
BMK-EIS@osmre.gov with "BMK EIS Comments" in the subject line.
to voice your opposition to Peabody coal's latest mining plans. To learn more about this please see:
OSM documents about Peabody's new plans for mining at Black Mesa. Please also see water and coal updates for a historical perspective about the effects of Peabody on Black Mesa and its residents. You may also want to question their handling of the meetings held in different areas. Due to inclement weather many of the effected residents were unable to attend because of impassable road conditions. At other meetings those commenting were limited to 5 minutes because there were so many appearing at the meeting held in Flagstaff, Arizona. Comments must be received by January 21, 2005, 3 PM mountain standard time.

However, after contact with Mr. Holbrook on January 21, I learned that the comment period will probably be extended to February 25, 2005, though no formal announcement has been made yet. One is expected some time next week. I was also told that comments are accepted even after a deadline has passed. The comments deadline has been extended again. According to Black Mesa Project EIS, the following information has been posted about the extended comment deadline: "In response to public requests, OSM is extending to March 4, 2004, the comment period for the Black Mesa Project EIS. Due to inclement weather at the time of a public meeting on January 4, 2005, and the inability of some persons to attend, OSM is holding two additional meetings on Friday and Saturday, February 18 and 19, 2005, at the Forest Lake Chapter House for the dual purposes of obtaining comments on the EIS and continuing an informal conference on a coal mining and reclamation permit revision application."

Later in the document it states: "Written comments may be submitted at the scoping meetings or sent to OSM by e-mail [BMK-EIS@osmre.gov] or letter. Written comments must be received by OSM by 4 p.m. on March 4, 2005, to ensure consideration in the preparation of the draft EIS."

Transcripts from the scoping meetings held are now available in pdf format for reading at Black Mesa Project EIS.

Many thanks in advance for your help.]

[Harassment has been stepped up on the land. Please see Bush Thinks America has Nailed the Final Nail on the Coffin of Indigenous History in the US (Resisters Threatened) for contact numbers. Also see URGENT: Support Needed for Dineh Resister. Many thanks for your support.]

[Please see Black Mesa Water Coalition to send comments to the OSM by September 15, 2004, to help stop Peabody's rape of Black Mesa as well as put a stop to their intentions to increase production. There is a postcard there that you can download to send your comments to both Jerry Gavette and Gale Norton. Stop Peabody's lust for MORE water and coal.]

[IMPORTANT: Roberta Blackgoat's homestead is threatened. Please see Press Release to see what you can do to help. Also see the statement made about current events there.]

[Take Action: Write to the The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to help convince them to shut down the Mohave Generating Station. Tell the commissioners that in the interests of all concerned that they go solar as has been submitted to them by Black Mesa Trust. Help save what has not been destroyed at Black Mesa before it is too late. Contact the CPUC at public.advisor.la@cpuc.ca.gov, putting Mohave Generating Station in the subject line. Let your voice be heard for the Diné and Hopi people who live at Black Mesa who continue to suffer the ill affects caused by Peabody Energy's strip mining. Help make the strip mining of coal at Black Mesa a thing of the past. Many thanks in advance.]

To lessen the loading time for the original page, I've divided the links related to the Dine'h and Big Mountain into two pages. On this page you will find links as indicated above.  To learn what you can do to help, please see the first page of these links. There you can see pictures of the effects of Peabody Coal as well as find links to the best sites for updates on the situation there. I ask several other things of you. Help get the word out so this will no longer be the government's best kept secret. Let your thoughts be known about the power the HTC seems to be exerting to keep this silent. Last, I ask that you keep the People of Big Mountain in your prayers.

Manybeads Case

   the usual gov't. doublespeak
Dine'h Religious Concerns Dismissed by United States
FindLaw for Legal Professionals
Manybeads vs. US
Navajo resisters lose last appeal
Official Report of 1996 Navajo/Hopi Settlement Act
View from the Hogan #1

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Facts Related to Chambers, AZ

Environmental Justice Case Study: Navajo-Hopi Struggle to Protect the Big Mountain Reservation
The High Cost of Uranium in Navajoland
Map of the Navajo Nation
Nuking the Navajos
Petrified Forest National Park Arizona, Water Resources Scoping Report
Puerco River Spill, Historical Overview
The Puerco River: Where Did the Water Go?
Radionyclydes and Trace Elements in Wildlife...
Uranium mining and Indigenous People
Uranium mining on the Colorado Pleateau


Assessment of Ground-Water Recharge N-Aquifer System Arizona, Utah, and Colorado
   study dated June 6, 2003 -- data taken from other studies made earlier of the N-Aquifer
Black Mesa Monitoring Program
Black Mesa Trust proclaims ?Decade of Water?

Ground-Water, Surface-Water, and Water Chemistry Data, Black Mesa Area,
   Northeastern Arizona - 2000-2001, and Performance and
Sensitivity of 1988 USGS Numberical Mode of the N Aquifer
Geohydrologic characterization of the Carmel Formation- the confining
    unit between the N and D aquifers-Black Mesa, northern Arizona Holes and cracks scar Black Mesa landscape
    Indian Country Today
Letter to the Editor -- Vernon Masayesva

NRDC: "Drinking Water Jeopardized in Arizona's Black Mesa Region"
    damage of the N-Aquifer due to Peabody Energy strip-mining

Effects of Peabody Energy on Black Mesa

A Thirsty Nation
   feature story of OnEarth journal published october 2004
   subtitled: "The Hopi have sold their coal and their water to
   the Peabody company for decades. The money keeps flowing, but
    now their springs are running dry."
Black Mesa
Black Mesa Trust
Council corks Black Mesa Water for Peabody Energy
Draining the Upper World: The Black Mesa Mine and the Navajo Aquifer
Feds, Mine Owners Meet to Keep Mohave Power Plant Open
   guess whose rhetoric will get them what they covet?
Federal court leaves door open in Peabody case
Gathering Clouds
   Arizona's Navajo and Hopi Tribes Have Won a Water-Rights Battle
    Against the Coal Company That Has Sustained Their Fragile
   Economies. But on the Threshold of Victory, a Sobering
   Question: Now What?
   See a flash photo journal by clicking here while it is still available.
      See Responses to "Gathering Clouds"
      that appeared in the LA Times Magazine June 27, 2004
      -- contact information is available here.
Green Hope on Black Mesa
Hopi and Navajo People tell Peabody to Stop
Hopi and Navajo protest Peabody's coal slurry pipeline
Hopis Concerned about Possible Coal-fired Power Plant on Black Mesa
It's vital that we support solutions to keep Mohave plant generating
    The source for this article tells all, just some more propaganda to save their
    skins and keep raping Black Mesa
Jobs, revenue, water at stake in Mohave power plant talks
Land Use History of the Colorado Plateau - Black Mesa
Mr. Peabody's Coal Train Done Hauled It Away
    you might want to follow the links on this page to see what is said
Native Americans and the Environment: A survey of twentieth century issues
with particular reference to peoples of the Colorado Plateau and Southwest
New water source found for Peabody
    things stated in this article hint at why Peabody will not become a thing of the
    past at Black Mesa Gallup Independent 12/13/03
NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council - Drawdown: Groundwater Mining on Black Mesa
Pipeline end run?
    Arizona Daily Sun December 29, 2002
Power plant to close until at least 2009
    closure of the Mohave Generating Plant
Save Black Mesa Water
Save H2opi Water
Taylor: Energy can fuel a future of promise
   Posted in Indian Country Today December 23, 2004
Tribe, Peabody work on alternatives to keep coal moving to power plant
    Gallup Independent 11/26/03
    Proposes a study of the C-Aquifer to replace use of the N-Aquifer, stopping the
    use of the N-Aquifer by 2005
What Lies Beneath: A Conflict Over Water on Black Mesa

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San Juan Water Agreement

Council loses quorum, water deal in limbo

jo urged to fight water rights settlement >

We should not be coerced into a hasty decision
   Peter MacDonald on the San Juan Water Agreement

Other Related Sites

Addendum #4 Additional Violations - Black Mesa Pipeline
Afghanistan to Big Mountain-Censored Native voices
Americans and the Navajo
american indian cultural links
AP Dispatch From America: Among the Navajo
    ("Jessica Wolfson's images of the Navajo reservation")
Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs
Atomic bomb survivors had 50 times less radiation
   One quoted in this article says it all., saying they were used as guinea
   pigs. Look at what it's done to the families now.
   Gallup Independent March 5, 2004
Background Black Mesa
Bill gives more time for funding tribal memorials
    Farmington Daily Times August 1, 2003
Black Mesa Coal Powers Nevada
Black Mesa Trust president to testify in Washington
    Farmington Daily Times 5/27/02
CDC Oral History Project: DCI*
Coal Combustion
Coal Power
The Colorado River?s sleeping giant stirs
    High Country Times April 28, 2003
Costs to Taxpayers for Relocation
Dark Days on Black Mesa
The Dineh (Navajo) Home Page
The Dine' - People of Canyon Land
Dine' -- Warriors Way Forum
Dinetah Images
The Dreamtime:Mailbag:Native American Info
A DYING PEOPLE, A DYING CULTURE- The Plight of Native Americans
Dzithl Dine'h Pines
Endangered Sacred Sites and What You Can Do
Environmental Justice and Power Plants
Environmental Justice Case Study: Navajo - Hopi Struggle to Protect Big Mountain
EPA, ADEQ Settle With Black Mesa Pipeline for $128,000
EPA backs permit (Desert Rock)
   WINDOW ROCK — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a Clean Air permit for the
   Desert Rock Energy Project and will formally publish a public notice in the Farmington Daily Times and
   Navajo Times in a few weeks, kicking off the public comment period.
EPA issues power plant an draft air quality permit (Desert Rock)
   FARMINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency released a draft air quality permit for the Desert
   Rock Power Plant Thursday, calling it one of the strictest permits ever.
EPA mercury limits seen as toxic to rez
    Gallup Independent 12/18/03
Ex-mine worker recalls working with uranium
The Fleecing of Navajo Weavers
Four Directions Lesson
Four Sacred Mountains by Hanae
The Fourth World: The Sacred Mountains (Navajo)
Further Motion by State Department to Railroad
Generating Jobs - Clean coal project could be coming to Navajo Nation
   WINDOW ROCK — The Navajo Nation and its resources could end
   up on a short list of potential sites for FutureGen, a $1 billion clean-coal
   demonstration project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.
   FutureGen will generate electricity, produce hydrogen, and capture and sequester
   carbon dioxide. Since passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, several companies
   have approached the Navajo Nation to pitch various energy projects, including clean coal
   initiatives which could ultimately produce hydrogen.
Indigenous Rights

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Genocide of Native Americans Petition
Global Peace Walk 2000 Pictures and Story
Film explores exposure of Navajo Indians to mine radiation
Here is a copy of the statement in support of the United Nations
History of Depletion of the N-Aquifer by Peabody Coal
Home Page
    Photos of protest
Hopi officials, Navajo resisters' views of sun dance incident clash
Hopi tribe power plant
    a must read regarding the future of coal mining on Black Mesa
House bill seeks to protect sacred Indian sites
    I'm curious whether those entities in effect now would be covered by
    this bill, and would this make it so Peabody would have to cease and
    desist any activities on Black Mesa -- it is affecting the N-Aquifer,
    and Black Mesa is sacred land.
H.R. 104
    described as "To repeal the Bennet Freeze thus ending a gross treaty
    violation with the Navajo Nation and allowing the Navajo Nation to live in
    habitable dwellings and raise their living conditions, and for
    other purposes."
Hopi and Navajo Tell Peabody to Stop Destroying Water Source
Hopis Concerned About Coal-Fired Power Plant on Black Mesa (english)
    Read about why Hopis are concerned. Look at the connection between
    Reliant Energy and the Bush administration, one which disregards everything
    that is sacred.
The Importance of Sacred Sites to Native American Religions
Index for Dine' Care
Indian folklore legends stories and Navajo Tradition
Indigenous Action Network
    Good site to visit for addresses to write President Shirley et al. about the
    resolution to save the N-Aquifer
Indigenous Environmental Network
Interesting Story About From a Navajo

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An Introduction to Navajo Culture
Ironic Apology: US Government's treatment of American Indians...
Is Mountainview's OK Mohave's end?
    Navajo-Hopi Observer 12/10/03
The Long Walk
The Long Walk for Big Mountain Statement
Making a Difference
Map No. 8: Navajo Sacred Places, "Navajo Tribe vs. US Docket 229 Exhibit
No. 688
Memories Come to Us in the Rain and the Wind
    Guided to this site by a good friend. Good read for info on the
    Uranium miners, Big Mountain, and much more. Apparently there is a book
    which has even more of what you will find here.
Miner believes Peabody is unfair
Mining - the Navajo - to Extinction
Mountains Made Alive: Native American Relationships With Sacred Land
Native American Sacred Sites - Chapter 4
Native Homelands Superfund Sites
Nature Awareness Vision Pages
Navajo coalition opposed to uranium mining

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Navajo Genealogy and Family History of Harrison Lapahie
Navajo History
Navajo Nation
Navajo HOGAN: North American Native American Indian Pre Contact Housing
Navajo Nation: EPA to set tough standards for power plant (Desert Rock)
   ALBUQUERQUE -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed some of the most stringent
   emission requirements in the country for a planned power plant on the Navajo Nation, setting a new level
   of performance for coal-fired plants in the United States.
Navajo Nation may not fight energy bill
    Farmington Daily Times 12/6/03
    There seems to be a bit of confusion here in terms of a stance regarding
    uranium mining. Is it economics over health of all there?
Navajo Religion
The Navajo-Hopi Observer: Letters to the Editor 5/9/01
land dispute about jurisdiction, not denial of rights
    The myth goes on for those who are foolish enough to believe this. Of
    course, the source tells all.
The Navajo Nation Natural Heritage Program
Navajo Sacred Mountains
Navajo Speaker brings Black Mesa controversy to UC-Davis
Navajos critical of water proposal
    Farmington Daily Times
Navajos speak out against uranium mining
Navajos sue U.S. over water from the Colorado River
Navajos underpaid for land rights
     Arizona Daily Sun August 21, 2003
New Mexico CultureNet: Dine' Culuture Curriculum
New Times Los Angeles Online...Walking Away
Nevada Power Company Agrees to Sell Interest in Mohave Generating Station
The new long walk
News Release Index
NMLRC menu (National Mine Reclamation Center)
    (Acid Mine Drainage Prediction Technical Manual)
Not With Our Money - Lehman
Only the Creator will Relocate Me
Peabody Coal Mines At Black Mesa On the Navajo Reservation
Peabody's SEC Filing
Peabody Subsidiaries and UMWA Complete New Give-Year Western Labor
Peace in the Forest | Direct Action Directory | Environment
The Return of Navajo Boy

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Sacred Mountains
Sacred Mountains as a Hogan
San Francisco Peaks,AZ
Scenic Photos of the Navajo Nation
Secretary of Labor v. Black Mesa Pipeline
ShadowWm's Forum
A Time on Big Mountain
The Trail Back to Dinetah - John Coughlin
Through the Wind: Navajo at an Anasazi Shrine by Tom Orbesen

United States Treaty with the Navajo Tribe, 1868
Uranium experts deliver hard facts at Black Falls meeting
Uranium mines still unhealthy after closure
    Arizona Daily Sun January 27, 2003
We the Peoples Full Report

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