puvungna ©louve14

how much more of this land
was once only yours?
how much more
can they possibly want?
how can they think to build
a strip mall in this sacred place?
these questions cloud the mind.

once the site
of an Indian village,
this site which remains
a spiritual center for many,
for the Gabrielinos and
many other Native Nations,
a place still sacred.

there are times
when many gather here together,
and listen to the Drum,
sing, dance, pray - for ceremony.
other times single spirits
find their way to this place,
one filled with voices of the past.

never is Puvungna empty
for there are always those
who came before,
who inhabit this place,
who keep a watchful eye,
welcoming those who come.
listen to the winds

there is balance, harmony,
a tranquil feeling here,
prayer flags - black, yellow, red, white -
fluttering in the cool breeze,
the caw, caw of crows nearby
fill this place with sound
as do the songs of other birds.

these songs sing of the people,
some from the present,
those who have left their offerings,
dream catchers, prayer flags, words,
and those from the past.
their presence is felt here,
ever watchful of all who come.

there is the circle, the swing,
the shade of those magestic trees
surrounding the circle -
they have seen much change
in all their years here,
all except one, the respect
others bring to this place.

the sun shines brightly this day
yet the cool breezes
bely the heat of the day
here in this shade from the trees.
a single crow alights in a tree closeby,
speaking to one who is there,
one more who has come to pray.

Puvungna ©louve14

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb

copyright © 14 April 2002, by louve14
revised 14 december 2002