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Ancient Forests Links

         In Honor of Julia Butterfly Hill and Luna


[Please note new locations of Diné-related pages].

       Addresses for Correspondance
       Alert - Big Mountain - July 2002
       Black Mesa
       Anti-plant rally continues on first day of Navajo Council meetings
       Black Mesa coal talks continue
       Black Mesa Mine
       Black Mesa Risk Assessment
       Black Mesa Water
       Coal production halts on Black Mesa
       Comments - Mohave Generating Station and Black Mesa Mine
       Conversation Between Crow and Leonard Benally
       Crisis at Big Mountain
       Current Threats to the Blackgoat Homestead
       Dine'h Links
       Dine'h Links - page 2
       Dine'h Perspective on Hopi Solidarity
       Dineh Resisters Face Continued Threats/Harassment
       Edison Moves to Reopen Big Desert Power Plant
       Edison to Shut Down Polluting Coal Plant
       Facts Related to Chambers, AZ
       Feds, mine owners meet to keep Mohave power plant open
       Food for Thought
       Forces Clash on Tribal Lands
       Gathering Clouds
       Guest column: Leaders cannot see into the future
       Her Life Belongs to the Land
       House Resources Committee Hearing — June 21, 2006 (on S1003)
       HPL families get new chance for federal relocation benefits
       Information About the Dine'h
       International Indian Treaty Council (United Nations Commission on Human Rights)
       Jack Utter's Letter
       Killing the Hopi Waters
       Leaders mum on coal, water proposal a must read about secret dealings going on now
       The Meaning of Eviction
       Mohave Facility Won't Be Reopened 
       Mohave Power Plant in Nevada to Close as Expected
       Mohave Generating Station: Pollution feud unresolved
       Off the hook (Peabody)
       Opinion - Navajo Times - 6 April 2006
          letters to the editor regarding secret meetings and Mohave closure
       Other Related Sites
       “Poison pill” wells threaten Navajo Aquifer purity
       Power plant shutdown rocks tribes
       Peabody Announces Closure Of Black Mesa Mine, Layoffs
       Petition - Big Mountain Sovereign Nation
       Plant Closure
       The Pox Spread by Those in Power
       Protesters urge protection for Navajo groundwater

       Q and A Senate Committee Hearing S. 1003
       Relocation office one step closer to termination
       Report: Black Mesa coal mine harming aquifer
       Report and Update: Big Mountain Resistance Summer 2005
       Responses to "Gathering Clouds"
       Riders push to end Peabody's pumping of N-Aquifer
       Sacred Lands?
       San Francisco Peaks
       Sneak Attack by the Feds, HTC, NTC, and Peabody Energy
       Struggles Continue Despite Black Mesa Mine Shut Down
       Survival at Black Mesa
       Thoughts About Big Mountain
       Traditional Hopi, Keeper of the Sacred Stone Tablets: "Sovereignty Dishonored and Global Instability Evolving"
       The View from the Hogan
       To Understand the True Meaning of Eviction
       Water Situation - A Plea for Help
       Watch Out!
       Update - Arrick Crittendon

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Native American Links

       Native American Holiday
       Pine Ridge
       Leonard Peltier
       Other Sites of Importance
       Other Sites of Interest
       Tribal Sovereignty? It Doesn't Exist
       Hunger Strike by Indigenous Peoples' Representatives at the United Nations
       White Mountain Apache

Wolf Links

       Wolves in Literature

General Links

       Other Sites of Interest
       Protect the Land
       Words for Reflection
       Yucca Mountain

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Reading /Film Lists

        Reading / Film List 1
        Reading / Film List 2


Please note the poems have been moved. They haven't disappeared.
We are Diné
Warm Winds
Tears of Sadness
a simple wish
quiet nights
Tell Me a Story
lands of home
For What Is Right
dark clouds are gathering
blindness lifts
the look of love in your eyes
for the People this will happen
one voice silenced
the poison spreads
the grandmothers were arrested
the heart is crying
tears of frustration
ignorance continues
destruction of the sacred
In Honor of Roberta Blackgoat
it is racism
the words she left behind
what is life
my heart is with the land
the winds blow silence
they asked
a heavy silence
still they haunt me
a quiet day
sadness abounds everywhere
Grandmother Roberta, we miss you
relocation is genocide
this sacred land
terrorism (added to/revised)
will they listen

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Fish Creek
The Desert 1
The Desert 2
Sounds of the Flute
The Desert 3
The Desert 4
Fish Creek Revisited
Flying Like the Wind
Canyon Quest
Slices Like a Knife
desert sands
a single tree
words once spoken
the desert is home
I dreamed of you tonight
these dreams which follow for a lifetime
a dream unfulfilled
a morning prayer for you
These Remembrances
she's gone
dreaming arizona
deep into your eyes
why dream?

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haiku 1

Unchained Melody
cries softly
And Then Again
the ultimate sacrifice

Eyes of the Wolf

the wolf is my messenger

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